Dublin Night Loop

Dublin Night loop

O’Connell Street night Loop Photo.


iPhone Art

iPhone Art | 3G Mobile | Powerscourt Waterfall | World Loop

Enjoying the sun at river Dargle near Enniskerry last summer close to the Powerscourt Waterfall. iPhone 4s was used to create this 3G Mobile Art work. In the photograph you can see my good friends and my white fluffy dog Shadow. it was the most beautiful day of the summer and we were so lucky to spend it at such an amazing spot.


Touch Screen Drawing

Drawing on a touch screen is for the first time fun. The electrical signals from the tips of your fingers translated into something more than just a crude representation. Now with the new flowpaper app you can really feel the connection. It takes a bit of time to get use to but once you get in to the work you start to feel like your connecting and working with the flow. This image really feels like I put a little essence of myself into almost like one does with working with brush strokes. I used Snapseed to put the finishing touches and this is over all a finished creation. Entirely submerged in the virtual world from start to finish. Is it ever going to see the light of day probably not. Because this is virtual art. A projection of my imagination from a screen to a screen, my mind to your mind and almost telepathic. Anyway I do appreciate the touch screen development. in such a way that as an conceptual artist I can say this image contains little atomic particles of me and are now part of the World Wide Web. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. Filip


Moving Panorama iShoot

moving panorama 2

time2I’m sorry i haven’t posted anything in a while, but here is a little sample of some work I’m in the process of developing. this is a moving panorama 🙂 shot from a train on my way to Galway. it’s a unique new photography method I’m discovering. and if anyone out there has seen this before will they please send me a link id really like to use some references and do more research on this… Camera: iPhone 4S Edited with: Snapseed app