Tara Hill Panorama

The Hill of Tara looking beautiful as always.



Dublin Night Loop

Dublin Night loop

O’Connell Street night Loop Photo.

Architectural forms as complex as snowflakes? Here’s what they look like up close

TED Blog

Architect Michael Hansmeyer is not one for the T-square. As he explains in a fascinating talk from TEDGlobal, this “computational” designer took inspiration from nature — specifically from morphogenesis, aka the splitting of cells — and created algorithms that help him design highly unusual shapes. Instead of the same old boring Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns that have been around since ancient Greece, Hansmeyer’s columns contain fascinating folds, curves and cuts — more akin to the snowflakes you made in elementary school than to traditional architectural forms.

And yes, Hansmeyer actually builds these works — in fact, the column to the left was on display at TEDGlobal 2012. Check it out above.

Below, more of Hansmeyer’s out of the box every-shape-we-know creations.


Four columns, designed using Hansmeyer’s algorithmic process.

Here’s what a hall filled with Hansmeyer’s columns would look like.

An observer checks out the strange details of a…

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Kart Video

Hope you enjoy the video

Kart simply means kaleidoscope art, iv been recording some of these videos thanks to iMajiCam Kaleidoscope effect which is an app on the iPhone 4s. there is only 4 different shots in this video, the 1st one is just a yellow room, 2nd inside of a computer, 3rd fireplace and 4th is a kitchen sink. the music in the background is a song i recorded called “get metal legs” if any1 interested in can be downloaded free here http://onweed.bandcamp.com/ and all so check out my blog at filipkos.wordpress.com