Moving Panorama iShoot

moving panorama 2

time2I’m sorry i haven’t posted anything in a while, but here is a little sample of some work I’m in the process of developing. this is a moving panorama 🙂 shot from a train on my way to Galway. it’s a unique new photography method I’m discovering. and if anyone out there has seen this before will they please send me a link id really like to use some references and do more research on this… Camera: iPhone 4S Edited with: Snapseed app

Moiré Orb

Hello, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I’ve looked at some “Optical illusions” in a quest to create my own image. So this is what I have come up with. I hope it works on other computer screens and any feedback is extremely appreciated. Thanks Fil

You can see this “Moire” effect in the Virtual Gallery, for best results walk from one end off the hall toward it. It’s located at the very end…

Its alive!